Sunday, October 01, 2006

Great Books

My intention with this blog is to review and share all the great books, that colour my life with their stories. Books that engage, unwind, stimulate or challenge. Books that have earned a place on my shelves by passing the ultimate test - would I re-read this book. So far in my life I've been a reader, rather than a writer. Now as I start writing about books I've read, I hope I'll be able to live up to the expectations I have of the books I like to read: well chosen, flowing prose, a pinch of wit and a liberal dash of real life.

I had a rare opportunity to browse in a book shop without my children yesterday. I wandered around entranced, like a kid in a candy store, except that this kid could dip into the wares and sample a sentence here, a paragraph here. So many enticing covers, so many worlds to discover. How wonderful it would be, to grab a bagful of pristine, new books and settle on the sofa for a week without interruption...a mega chocolate binge of words.The fantasy bubble was pricked as my children reclaimed me. This blog is to be my fantasy bubble, where I can escape into the world of books, recline on a virtual sofa, share the books I've enjoyed and read other blogs to discover new ones.

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kansasrose said...

Hi Kit...This comment has nothing to do woth your excellent book reviews, but I wish we were neighbors! I can so relate to spending hours of bliss in a bookstore. I was a bookseller in the early 90's and loved it inspite of a dysfunctional female manager. Also most of my paycheck went to books regardless of the 30% discount employees recieved. Is it alright if I put up a link to your new blog? One of these days maybe I will figure out how to link favorites in my sidebar. Now I am inspired to hit our public library's new reading section! I will be here often my friend! Thanks so much for being the intelligent, well read and resourceful person you are...YOU ROCK!!!!